It’s only a house…


It’s been almost two years since we moved into our new house. Much like bringing home a newborn, it’s only now that I feel like we might be emerging from the other side of sleep deprivation. That said, I’m going to try and give some advice to anyone entertaining the thought of building a new home.


Yes, don’t. There it is, all the advice I have for you wrapped up in one compound word. Don’t. If you’re like me, you aren’t going to listen, so I’ll add a bit more.

Don’t build a house thinking it will make you better organized. It won’t. You’ll have to do that on your own.

Don’t feel that your marriage is so strong that it can withstand the stress of building a home. It might not be. Those horror stories you hear about home building? Many are true.

Don’t build a home thinking more space will make you happier. Space does not equate to happiness.

If you’re still not convinced, I’ll carry on. You may reach a point in the home building, searching, remodeling process where you feel like the house is going to own YOU, instead of the other way around. You may be on to something, but don’t let the house win. After all, it’s only a house.

I’m going to sound like a cross-stitch sampler here, but it’s the people in your house that should bring you joy. If not, get new people. I’m kidding, well, mostly kidding. If you were a miserable person in your old house, chances are you’re going to be the same curmudgeon in your new one. Change yourself, not your house.

I’m not minimizing the power of home, certainly not. A home should be your refuge from the world, your sanctuary, but that can happen with any size, shape, layout or plan.

Pinterest and are lovely, drool-worthy lies. Almost every home is not going to measure up. They are wonderful tools to be INSPIRED by, but not CONSUMED by. Preach. I took the picture of my kitchen (above) to suck you in. It’s kind of pretty here. It NEVER looks like this. I have a real life and, let me tell you, it’s messy.

Ok, I’ve done my best, people. If you’re still not convinced, carry on, with my blessings and goodwill. If you’re looking for building advice, ask someone else. All I’ve got is… two dishwashers. Yep, sounds excessive, but two dishwashers has been a game changer. I wouldn’t build a house for it though… 🙂

Keep sharing moxie!

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