Sharing moxie

Moxie. What a delightful word! When I was in high school I decided if I ever opened up a coffee shop it would have the word Moxie in it: Moxie Java, Moxie Girl, Moxie to Go. I had all sorts of ideas. Years later, I did open a coffee shop and it’s called… Caribou. Seriously, love the coffee, but I feel like I missed my crack at moxie.

Here’s my chance to share moxie. My own blog. I know I’m about 15 years late to the blogging party, whatevs as my tween would say. Share moxie with your friends and co-workers that you like the most. Share moxie with the cranks in your life, because they need it. Share moxie just because it’s fun and the world could use a little more fun.

For me, I’ll probably write about family, books, teenagers, and life in a small town because it’s what I know best. We’ll see! Share moxie and take the trip with me!

Full Definition of moxie

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