The Sweet Spot of Work

sweet spot

This week I was told, “my older children got my youth and my younger children got my wisdom”. Man alive, truth. I think the same is true for our professional lives. Finding the sweet spot: the holy grail of intersection between wisdom, ability and enthusiasm. Warts and all, here’s my take on the sweet spot. Maybe you’ll see yourself here, too.

Dear Former Students, Clients & Colleagues,

To those of you I met at the beginning, I’m sorry. I had things to prove and I didn’t listen much. You were my testing ground and I failed sometimes, miserably. I also carry you in my heart, while I have forgotten many others in years since. You consumed much of my thoughts when I wasn’t at work. I had crazy high standards (obnoxious really), but fun ideas. I was willing to try nearly anything to connect with you…In some ways, you received the best of me.

To those of you I met in the middle of my career, I’m sorry. I was distracted. I had young children, aging parents, and too much going on all the time. I forgot you were the reason I was there. You felt like one more thing to take care of and I was tired. I also saw my children and family members in you, good and bad. I became more realistic and compassionate. My heart grew three sizes during this time. I had a better idea about what works and started to realize what truly matters…In some ways, you received the best of me.

To those of you yet to come, I’m sorry. I’m reaching the end of my career. My thoughts are starting to turn more to what I’ll do in my retired life and less about what I may accomplish at work. That’s not totally true though. I’m beginning to think about my legacy and who did I really help? I recognize the value of time and I’m choosing to be here each day with you. I want it to count. I pay closer attention now to the things people say and what is unsaid. I listen. I take my time to respond. I can guide, rather than push…In some ways, you’ll receive the best of me.

In the end, I’ll always hope that I helped in some way and that I was able to shine a light on the best part of you, too. If I didn’t, forgive me, and be the better person to someone else.



P.S. I think all the ages and stages have sweet spots. Look for the best part of the fruit and you’ll be sure to find it.

Keep sharing moxie.